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A unique stay in Norway

Discover Norway's most unique stay in our glass-enclosed hut. Surrounded by nature, this exclusive experience offers a 360-degree view. Nestle into a cozy king-size bed with hotel-like comfort, bringing luxury to the heart of the wilderness. Unwind in style for an unforgettable Norwegian adventure.


Hotel Comfort, in the Wild

Escape to nature with hotel comfort at our hidden gem. Our glass-enclosed hut is a cozy haven with warm woolen blankets and candlelights. Wake up in a king-size bed with plush duvets and pillows. Experience comfort redefined in the wild, where nature meets indulgence. Make your morning coffee or tea without leaving the hut. Embrace serene luxury in a simpler, wild setting.

Words from our guest's


A lovely place! We didn't just have the treehouse, but also a shelter with a fire pit and a roof, and an outdoor toilet. We had a whole clearing with trees, forest floor, and a massive anthill! Here, we truly found tranquility, all alone, with no other people on the hiking trails. Highly recommended! :)

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